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Set yoomi® bottle 240ml, bottle warmers 2pcs, pod

Brands: yoomi

Set yoomi® bottle 240ml, bottle warmers 2pcs, pod

Brands: yoomi
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Brands: yoomi
Availability: Available
Age: 0m+
Capacity: 240 ml
Bottle material: plastic
Pacifier's material: silicone
Flow: slow
Usage: dishwasher safe, microwave safe, electric bottle warmer safe
Safety: BPA free
Set content: bottle 240 ml - 1 pc, bottle warmer - 2 pcs, pod (capsule) - 1 pc

Set yoomi® bottle 240ml, bottle warmers 2pcs, pod

Set yoomi® is a set of accessories that allows you to make food quickly and comfortably feed the child. Perfect for busy parents! yoomi® self heating bottle works well while combined feeding and after switching to bottle feeding. A mum’s nipple-shaped bottle teat helps the infant get used to eating from the bottle. Additionally, anti-colic system reduces the amount of air entering the bottle, which helps to prevent painful colic. Bottle can be used separate or together with yoomi® bottle warmer.

yoomi® bottle warmer allows you to quickly and comfortably warm baby food. Easy to use and compatible with yoomi® bottles. Before use, it must be charged by boiling, heating in a microwave or in a sterilizer. Charged and cooled down bottle warmer should be mounted in the bottle, and then you need to push the button, turn the bottle upside down and wait for 60 seconds. The food flows around specially designed channels in which a safe, non-toxic heating gel is closed (no contact with milk). When the food reaches the bottle teat, it reaches the temperature of natural mother’s milk (32-34°C, there is no possibility of overheating). The device keeps the food warm for an hour after the button is pressed, then it must be recharged. Bottle warmer can be charged about 300 times, which is enough for about 6 months of use.

Methods and time of charging the bottle warmer:
- in a microwave 700-1200W: 2 minutes (method heat- shake, detailed information included in the manual), always using the yoomi® capsule
- by cooking: 30 minutes in boiling water
- in an electric steam steriliser: 30 minutes

ATTENTION! After charging, before using the bottle warmer, cool it (for 75 minutes at room temperature or 20 minutes in cold water) – by starting it before cooling down, it may be damaged!
yoomi® pod is indispensable for charging bottle warmer in microwave. Pod will also be perfect as food storage container or bottle warmer’s protecting cover.


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